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Another awesome Lady pic by :iconskyraptor:

Go to his gallery for more fanart made by him!
animamomentlover Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
some nice stuff
megas222 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2011
tisinrei Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2011  Student Digital Artist
WOW!!! That lady picture look outstanding my friend!!!! Skyraptor sure has find alot of inspiration in this picture because almost everything is looks more better on lady body in this pic, especially her breast that are much bigger than the last fanart:wow:!!! Outstanding :XD:.

About the color job: good work with the textures(especially on skin textures) , light effects and other nice color details(her modern/cool glasss looks even more interesting and nice in this picture:D).

About her, she is outstanding in this picture, with a more mature and badass look, a good pose and sure a heavy curvy body indeed ;D. For now this picture and the meyru picture are one of the best fanart colored by you so far.

About lady, even now I am really amazed about how hot and awesome her body are look in this pic, that every aspect and details seen to be improved, adding a more mature look to this fanart and receive sone nice upgrade from the last work :). Her pose and facial expressionare bit more nice(her face looks awesome and this pose show better her body), and her body looks more curvy and atracctive:love:, with some nice legs and hips(lady appears to has a nice ass indeed; would be nice to see a new fanart with a back pose with her :p).

However the best detail in this commission is, without doubt, her sensation/sexy boobs that has a perfect size, texture and look becasue the nice pose. Its so amazing that I almost cant stop to look ate her breast:XD:. Still this is just a nice detail because I really like her because her nice look/outfit and badass in-game action......

...... but is always welcome see a hot busty version of her. ;p.

outstanding job my friend:#1:, hope to you always can made and color great and sexy pictures like this one. Now, even lady dont appear in the next game, now she has a outstanding reference in DA.

p.s¹:Just a question: you have plans to make some bikini/swinsuit commission? Sure see this lady in a tiny bikini fanart would be fantastic. :XD:

Of course I am just kidding, keep up the nice work. :#1:

p.s²: I am really the fist to comment? I really cant understand why other user dont comment this nice pictures....
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January 21, 2011
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